what can you do with an early childhood education certificate

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Generally, a Certificate in Early Childhood Education qualifies you to work with children from birth to age 8. This means it can open a variety of career opportunities including:preschool teacher, child care provider, after school care worker, childhood camp counselor, as well as various jobs in Head Start.

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  • What can you do with an early childhood education (ECE) certification?

  • Language and literacy are the cornerstones of curriculum throughout early childhood education. With an ECE certification, you will learn ways to work with students at varying degrees of development, you can even earn special needs teaching certification.

  • Where can I earn my early childhood education certificate online?

  • Learn to help children reach their full potential when you earn your early childhood education certificate online at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Led by award-winning faculty, this program will help you develop meaningful approaches for teaching and working with children (prenatal through age 8) and their families.

  • How many units are needed to get an early childhood education certificate?

  • You’ll need to complete between 15 and 30 units to earn an early childhood education certificate. The age range covered by programs varies from state to state. Some programs focus on the development of children from infancy to age five, while other programs’ coursework address children all the way up to early elementary school.

  • What degree do I need to work in early childhood education?

  • If you decide you like working with young children, you might want to proceed with an associate or even a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. A degree program will give you opportunities to take additional classes in early childhood education and to complete general education coursework.

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