what are the educational benefits of playing chess

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Chess has many cognitive benefits,including the ability to improve your:intelligenceempathymemoryplanning and problem-solving skillscreative abilities

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  • Why is chess good for kids?

  • Research suggests that children playing chess are more likely to understand the consequences of their actions! It鈥檚 important that children learn from an early age that their choices have consequences: both good and bad. Thinking about your moves and being careful can be rewarding.

  • What skills do you learn from playing chess?

  • ACADEMIC: Chess involves a whole range of cognitive skills including analysis, planning, forward-thinking, memory, and a knowledge of history. CREATIVE: Chess involves imagination, thinking creatively, and the ability to find the best move under pressure.

  • Why is chess so relaxing?

  • The game of chess has an inherent quality of calming down its participants as they play 鈥?studies show that playing chess makes people feel more relaxed than other games (like checkers).

  • How many people play chess today?

  • The Game of Chess was invented in the 6th century AD (approx) 1500+ years have passed since, but the game is getting more popular every day! Chess has deeply touched enlightened the lives of many people. Today, around 600+ million people play chess across the globe! CHESS: The King of Board Games has much more to surprise than we ever thought鈥?/div>11 Proven Benefits Of Playing Chess | Battle Of Chess

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