what are the current trends in early childhood education

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Within the field of early childhood education, several issues are currently being debated and many new developments are emerging. One of these trends is toward theexpansion and redefinition of early childhood educationto include all educational experiences for children from birth to 8 years of age.

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  • What are the trends in early childhood education for 2021?

  • From the latest research to the pandemic, here are the trends we鈥檙e seeing in early childhood education for 2021: 1. Remote Learning No one will see the inclusion of remote learning on this list as a surprise. 2020 brought us many things, and remote learning seems like it is here to say (at least for the foreseeable future).

  • Why study Early Childhood Education (ECE)?

  • Whether you parent, teach or just simply care about young learners, keeping an eye on the changes and trends in ECE is a great way to nurture the little ones in your life. Even seeing what ECE experts are thinking about can be so inspiring. The one thing we know for sure about early childhood development is that there鈥檚 always more to discover.

  • Is early childhood education in demand around the world?

  • In general though, there is a lot of public resources coming into early childhood education around the world, leading to growing participation rates and growth in programs. It鈥檚 an exciting time for early learning programs. Demand for high quality programs stems from:

  • Which countries are lagging behind in early childhood education?

  • Even as most parents now value early childhood education, preschool attendance rates in North America, most of Asia and Australia still lag the OECD average of 77% and the 98%+ in most European countries and New Zealand. However, these lagging countries are catching up fast, creating opportunities for local providers.

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