what are the challenges facing early childhood education

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  • What are the challenges of working in early childhood education?

  • This challenge is very much linked to the issues surrounding training discussed above as well as the poor working conditions and status of many workers. For example, we heard that many members of the early childhood workforce receive low pay and have insecure contracts, despite long hours, wide-ranging responsibilities and heavy workloads.

  • What challenges does the early childhood development sector face in South Africa?

  • Social, political, economic and environmental inequalities contribute to the many challenges that the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector faces in South Africa.

  • Why is it so hard to recruit early childhood workers?

  • Policymakers and experts face challenges recruiting qualified early childhood workers who will remain in their roles over time. While programs find it difficult to attract qualified workers in general, the challenge is exacerbated in rural areas.

  • What are the prejudices of early childhood education?

  • These prejudices were based on the persistent societal stereotypes about the essence, relevance, status and levels of intelligence of teachers involved in ECE. Below is a quote from one of the early childhood educators interviewed in the study.

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