what are core values in early childhood education

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  • What values should be included in a child鈥檚 education?

  • When teaching values to your child, responsibility is one of the top values to include. As soon as your child grows up, you want them to be dependable, keep commitments, and be accountable. If you do not instill in them a sense of responsibility from an early stage, they will have a harder time in the future.

  • Why is it important to teach values to your children?

  • As they age, they will learn many important principles; however, there are many values that we must teach explicitly. With the world becoming more corrupt, it is essential to teach your children correct values so they can influence the world for better. Parents are the best examples to teach their children.

  • Why are core values so important?

  • These core values give direction but there is so much flexibility in what each value looks like and how it can be applied to serve their customers.

  • Why is respect important in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淲e believe respect is essential to building the relationships that are critical to success and optimizing the talents and diversity of our families and partners.鈥?鈥淲e believe ongoing education and advocacy promotes positive early learning experiences, providing all children the opportunity to succeed.鈥?/div>Mission | Vision | Core Values – Early Learning Coalition

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