what are core values in early childhood education

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  • Why are values important in early childhood education?

  • Often, a person鈥檚 values derive from the family and their early years. Early childhood care and education programs, as organizations that serve families and young children, recognize that values are important and central to our visions and our missions.

  • How important is a mission statement in early childhood education?

  • It may seem like a lot of criteria to take into account, but a well-thought-out vision and mission statement can fulfill these guidelines. Reflecting on just one criteria, 鈥渋nform every decision,鈥?we see that mission statements can provide a touchstone for every aspect of an early childhood program.

  • What is early childhood cares?

  • Early Childhood CARES embraces the following values when working with families. We provide individualized services and supports to children and their families. Each child and family is unique and benefits from choices and flexibility.

  • Why is respect important in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淲e believe respect is essential to building the relationships that are critical to success and optimizing the talents and diversity of our families and partners.鈥?鈥淲e believe ongoing education and advocacy promotes positive early learning experiences, providing all children the opportunity to succeed.鈥?/div>Mission | Vision | Core Values – Early Learning Coalition

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