should early childhood education be mandatory

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Isn鈥檛 mandatory

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  • Should preschool be mandatory?

  • While pre K ages can range from 3-5 years, this preschool would be available for all children ages 2-5, regardless of family income. As of yet, there is no information on whether preschool will become mandatory in all or some states. The national campaign has been made to institutionalize government-funded universal preschool.

  • Should school be mandatory?

  • Yes School should be mandatory if you are mentally able to learn and are of an age in which you can do so. Education is extremely important in this world, for one’s development as a person and into a professional in the business world. There are millions of jobs that require skills that need years of education.

  • How many three year olds are not enrolled in preschool?

  • According to NCES, The National Center for Education Statistics, 38% of three year-olds and 67% of four year-olds are enrolled in preschool. This means over half of three year-olds are not enrolled in a program which is designed to boost their emotional and social skills. Preschool is an important step for emotional development in children.

  • Should preschool programs be institutionalized through government funding?

  • A national campaign has been presented to institutionalize preschool programs through government funding. Mandatory Pre Kindergarten, or Preschool, would require all preschoolers within a certain age-range to attend government preschools. The law requires attendance with penalties for not attending or truant behavior.

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