should early childhood education be mandatory

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  • Should preschool be mandatory?

  • While pre K ages can range from 3-5 years, this preschool would be available for all children ages 2-5, regardless of family income. As of yet, there is no information on whether preschool will become mandatory in all or some states. The national campaign has been made to institutionalize government-funded universal preschool.

  • What are the benefits of publicly mandated preschool programs?

  • One of the greatest benefits for publicly mandated preschool programs is ensuring that lower-income families have opportunities to enroll their children in early education programs while saving on the often expensive costs for preschool and child care programs.

  • How many three year olds are not enrolled in preschool?

  • According to NCES, The National Center for Education Statistics, 38% of three year-olds and 67% of four year-olds are enrolled in preschool. This means over half of three year-olds are not enrolled in a program which is designed to boost their emotional and social skills. Preschool is an important step for emotional development in children.

  • Are state-mandated preschool programs right for your child?

  • Building on this framework, the state-mandated preschool programs are also ideally intended to provide families of all financial backgrounds with more supportive educational options for children of a younger age.

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