should america have taxpayer-funded college education

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  • Should college education be free?

  • Put another way, perhaps free education is a concept that shouldn’t be arbitrarily limited to K-12 students. Here are some of the other commonly cited reasons why college should be free: There might be a lot fewer Americans who need to seek other forms of public assistance.

  • Should Community College be replaced by taxpayer funding?

  • The current community college system has a poor track record of graduating students on time and preparing them for promising careers. Transferring the financial burden from students to taxpayers will more heavily subsidize and favor this deficient education model and increase the overall price of education.

  • Should more federal funding for Community College lead to higher tuition?

  • Since more are students taking out federal loans to finance higher education, universities are able to increase tuition without students feeling the immediate impact of the price increase. More federal money in the community college system is likely to produce similar incentives in the community college sector.

  • How can we lower college tuition without raising taxes?

  • In exchange, states would commit to reinvesting state funds in higher education. Any public college or university that benefited from the reinvestment program would be required to limit tuition increases. This federal-state partnership would help lower tuition for all students.

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