is education a human right

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  • Why is education a basic human right?

  • Education is a basic human right because a person’s entire world can be changed simply based on what they are allowed to learn. Education can open up doors that nothing else can. We all know a person needs an education in order to advance in this world, but an education is necessary for intellectual advancement as well.

  • What international human rights law guarantees the right to education?

  • International human rights law guarantees the right to education. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, adopted in 1948, proclaims in Article 26: ‘everyone has the right to education’. Since then, the right to education has been widely recognised and developed by a number…

  • Is education a right or a privilege?

  • The reason why education can be perceived as a right is because education is a human right which implies that everybody should pass through education no matter his sex, nationality or any other thing and cannot be taken away for any reason. Which implies that legally and according to the government education is a right.

  • Who is responsible for protecting the right to education?

  • States have the primary duty to ensure the right to education. However, other actors play a key role in promoting and protecting this fundamental right. private businesses also have the responsibility to respect human rights and avoid infringing on the rights of others.

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