is early childhood education the same as elementary education

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  • What is the difference between early childhood development and early childhood education?

  • Early Childhood Education is very specifically about teacher behavior towards early learners, their peers, and the supporting community. You may have guessed that in many ways Early Childhood Development is a larger field than early childhood education.

  • What is elementary education?

  • Elementary education implies teaching children in kindergarten through fifth grade, or ages 4 to 11, approximately. As an early childhood educator, you work with much younger children, from birth to preschool age.

  • What makes a preschool teacher different from an elementary teacher?

  • Early childhood education. 鈥淭he primary personal attribute that differentiates a preschool teacher from an elementary school teacher is being extremely high energy,鈥?says art and music educator Sabrina Pea Young. Young speaks from experience teaching ECE, elementary and all ages through post-secondary.

  • What is the difference between ECe and elementary education?

  • You鈥檒l notice there is some overlap in the skills needed for ECE versus elementary education, which should be expected. When teaching this older group of students, there is more organization and collaboration involved with other teachers. There is also more of an emphasis on the strategy and logic of the curriculum.

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