how to list education in progress on resume

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You put education in progress on your resumeunder your education section. Note the degree you are working toward,the name of the educational institution you are attending,and the expected date of completion.

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  • Where to place education in progress on your resume?

  • Where to place education in progress on your resume 1 If the job requirements include the degree that you鈥檙e pursuing, then you should try to emphasize that information in… 2 On the other hand, you should place this detail later in the resume if the degree isn鈥檛 needed for the position. In that… More …

  • How do I list my school on my resume?

  • 1 The name of your school 2 Location of your school 3 The degree you obtained (if applicable) 4 Your field of study 5 Graduation year (if applicable) 6 Your GPA (Note: You may not want to include this if it鈥檚 not above 3.4) 7 Any relevant honors or academic recognition, coursework, activities or other achievements obtained during your education

  • How do you list expected graduation date on a resume?

  • If you鈥檙e still enrolled in school and plan on graduating, list your expected graduation date alongside the name of the school and its location in the education section of your resume. Here鈥檚 an example of how to list an expected graduation date on a resume:

  • How do you list education credentials on a resume?

  • Here is a list of popular academic and professional credentials to add to an education section of a resume: Secondary diploma, high school diploma, or GED. College diploma. Bachelor鈥檚 degree, Master鈥檚 degree, PhD or Doctorate degree. Professional degree or certification.

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