how to involve families in early childhood education

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Share the classroom鈥檚 daily schedule

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  • Why should parents get involved in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淭hey say that practice is what causes our brains to pattern, so if families are involved in the activities that the children are experiencing in the classroom, they鈥檙e going to have a much stronger framework to build their knowledge.鈥?Ferguson stresses that parents鈥?own skills increase when they are involved in the early childhood classroom.

  • How can educators foster family involvement?

  • To foster family involvement, interactions between educators and families should be positive, purposeful, reciprocal, and consistent. Communicate with families often. When there is good communication between educators and families, learning is collaborative, accomplishments are acknowledged, problems are recognized, and solutions are provided.

  • How do you engage families in child care?

  • Engage with families in person at drop-off and pick-up, keep a journal for each child that families can read and contribute to, set up a Parent Information Board, write regular newsletters or blog posts, and send emails or text messages. Understand each family鈥檚 expectations and views about their involvement.

  • How should I approach the relationship between the educator and family?

  • Approach the relationship with respect . Treat the educator and family relationship the way you would treat any important relationship in your life. Work to create a respectful and reciprocal relationship鈥攐ne in which families feel valued and supported.

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