how to integrate stem into early childhood education

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  • How can early childhood education providers provide STEM teaching?

  • Equipping providers of early childhood education 鈥?such as schools, families, museums, libraries 鈥?with the capacity to provide STEM teaching raises technical and social questions that will require considerable research. The technical aspects relate to building up provider capacity through the right tools and training.

  • How much time is spent on STEM learning in early childhood education?

  • Less than 5 percent of time in formal early childhood education settings is devoted to STEM learning, according to research presented at a recent conference on fostering STEM trajectories organized by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the New America research institute .

  • How does early development of STEM skills support learning later in life?

  • In ways that have yet to be fully understood, early development of STEM skills seems to support learning later in life, in STEM and other areas such as developing reading and language skills.

  • What are the biggest challenges in STEM education today?

  • As with almost any new initiative, one major challenge is a conceptual one: to understand the ways young children learn about STEM. How do they absorb STEM concepts? How do their differences 鈥?social and economic 鈥?affect learning?

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