how to get early childhood education certification

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Level 1 EarlyChildhood Educator: to be certified you must have completed one of the following: Child Care Orientation Course CCS 3110,3120,3130,3140 and 3150 through an Alberta high school CTS program 45-hour (3 credit) college-level course in child development

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  • How long does it take to become an early childhood educator?

  • The minimum requirements are high school diploma and a certificate or associate degree in early childhood education. These programs typically take one to two years to complete, and include coursework in child growth and development, early childhood curriculum planning, children with special needs, family and community involvement, and psychology.

  • Why earn an early childhood education certificate online?

  • While earning an early childhood education certificate online, programs look at the many influences that impact a child鈥檚 learning. These may include family, school, and neighborhood. Certificate programs teach how to create an innovative course of study and how to design challenging programs that reach all different learning styles.

  • What is an early childhood teacher certification?

  • An early childhood certification demonstrates that a teacher has met a certain set of standards and have the necessary qualifications to teach young children. Teachers who obtain this certification have demonstrated that they understand the developmental changes that occur during early childhood and can adapt their teaching to match these changes.

  • What can you do with an ECE degree with early childhood?

  • When working with young children, ECE degree holders must have a broad knowledge base in development and learning. Young children defined as ages from birth to age eight or the third-grade level. Early childhood teachers must demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the periods of early childhood education.

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