how to get early childhood education certificate

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In order to earn your early childhood certificate, most programs ask that you completefive to eight classes. Typically, students can earn their certificate in one year. However, the specific make-up and time it takes to earn your certificate may vary from school to school. Common Online Early Childhood Education Classes

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  • How do I become a certified early childhood educator (ECE)?

  • To be qualified to work as a certified early childhood educator (ECE) in B.C., you are required to complete a basic early childhood education training program from an approved training institution.

  • Do I get any career services with my ECE certificate?

  • Your ECE certificate online will give you a solid foundation in subject matter that is useful for many satisfying careers. Do I get any career services with my enrollment for the Undergraduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education? Yes!

  • What is early childhood education online?

  • Early childhood education online courses focus on how educational approaches can help the development of children up to eight years old. A child鈥檚 brain develops faster during these years than at any other point in their lives, making these some of the most influential years in a child鈥檚 development.

  • Where can I take a Level 1 early childhood educator course?

  • This non-credit course is available online by BaseCorp. Learning Systems and meets training requirements for Level 1 Early Childhood Educator certification. The curriculum was developed by Children鈥檚 Services in partnership with early childhood professionals, stakeholders and educational institutions in Alberta.

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