how to get certified in early childhood education

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To complete a certificate program in early childhood education, you will need to take12 credit hours in courses. Typically, this certificate will take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete. The course load will remain the same but students can choose to finish the program at a pace more suitable to them.

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  • What is an early childhood education certification?

  • An early childhood education certification denotes that a teacher has met a set of standards that shows they understand the best ways to educate young students aged 3 to 8. Certification is a rigorous process, where student teachers must complete teacher education programs, and sometimes must pass exams.

  • How long does it take to become an early childhood education teacher?

  • If the bachelor鈥檚 degree is in the field of early education, then students can complete the master鈥檚 in one or two years of study. The associate degree provides early entry into the ECE field as a teacher in limited situations such as preschools and childcare centers. Some public programs accept experienced teachers with Associate degrees.

  • How do I become an early childhood educator in BC?

  • Training Requirements To be qualified to work as a certified early childhood educator (ECE) in B.C., you are required to complete a basic early childhood education training program from an approved training institution.

  • What kind of Education do you need for early childhood education?

  • Information about some of the top schools in the state offering bachelor, master鈥檚 and/or doctorate degrees in early childhood education

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