how to engage families in early childhood education

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As an early childhood educator, be sure you fully engage parents andcreate an open, two-way exchangein which everyone鈥檚 input is valued. Regularly ask for parents鈥?input through questions that require embellishment (not just 鈥測es鈥?or 鈥渘o鈥?answers), and check in with them frequently to ensure that they understand what鈥檚 happening.

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  • What is family engagement in early childhood education?

  • Family engagement is an interactive process that brings early childhood professionals, family members, and their children together to build positive and goal-oriented relationships. It is a shared responsibility that requires mutual respect for the roles and strengths that families and professionals have to offer.

  • How do you engage parents in early childhood education?

  • Involve Parents Part of parent engagement in early education is parent involvement. The more comfortable a parent feels with your service and your approach, the more likely they are to engage and collaborate in the learning. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Why is family involvement important in early childhood education?

  • Children are more engaged and effective in class when their families are involved in the education process, especially when it comes to learning important skills in early childhood.

  • What do participants learn in the family engagement program?

  • Participants will learn effective family engagement practices and watch videos of early learning staff interacting with families. They will also discuss their experiences in working with families, try out the suggested practices, and reflect on their own experiences to improve their family engagement efforts.

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