how to engage families in early childhood education

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  • What is family engagement in early childhood education?

  • The definition of family engagement can vary, depending on whom you ask in early education circles. But generally, family engagement focuses on the importance of positive, interactive relationships between program staff and parents 鈥?relationships that enhance and support children鈥檚 learning.

  • What are some strategies for engaging families in early childhood education?

  • Here are a few strategies for engaging families in early childhood education. One of the best ways to start active engagement with families is to make them feel comfortable and welcomed in the service setting.

  • Why is family involvement important in early childhood education?

  • Establishing strong partnerships during a child鈥檚 early years are essential. Research has shown that children whose families are more involved in their child鈥檚 early education enter Kindergarten more prepared to succeed (Mantzicopoulos, 2003).

  • What is the relationship between parents and early childhood education?

  • Some of these strategies are intended to strengthen relationships: between parents and children and between parents and early childhood educators. Others are intended to build parents鈥?confidence and competence so they can actively promote their child鈥檚 learning and development.

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