how to be an early childhood education teacher

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To become an early childhood teacher you usually have tocomplete a degree in education, with a major in early childhood. Alternatively, you can complete a bachelor degree in a related area, followed by a postgraduate qualification in education, specialising in early childhood.

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  • How do I become an early childhood teacher?

  • Study a postgraduate degree in early childhood education to change careers or progress your career further. Register as an early childhood teacher with the Department of Education in your state or territory.

  • What skills do you need to be an early childhood educator?

  • Early childhood educators have a love of children, an understanding of the needs and abilities of children, and a passion for teaching. Educators wanting to work in the early childhood field must possess essential character traits such as caring, patience, flexibility, and compassion.

  • Can I do a bachelor degree in early childhood education?

  • If you already have a diploma of Early Childhood Education, you may be able to do a shorter, more condensed degree Bachelor Degree in only 2 years, as you would receive credit for your previous Diploma Studies. If you already hold a bachelor qualification, you may be able to study the Post Graduate Diploma or Masters.

  • What does an early childhood teacher do?

  • Early childhood teachers teach the basics of knowledge to pre-primary school students. Taking a holistic approach, early childhood teachers focus on basic literacy and counting skills, as well as promote development in art and music.

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