how to be an advocate for early childhood education

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Ways to Advocate for an Early-Childhood Professional:Write down your story: Every perspective is unique. Your story can become a testimony, a letter to an editor, newsletters, a viral video, and so much more鈥?/div>Ways to Advocate 鈥?Early Childhood Professionalism

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  • Do you want to be an early learning advocate?

  • Become the active, engaged, and informed early learning advocate that you want to be! The earliest years of a child鈥檚 life are a crucial time for learning鈥攁nd right now is a crucial time for us to advocate for the future of our children, families and economy.

  • Do I need to be an advocate for my child?

  • You can be an advocate for your child. If you think your child is at risk of harm, isn鈥檛 having their needs met, or is being denied their rights, you might need to advocate for them. You know and understand your child better than anyone else.

  • Do early childhood professionals need to be policy wonks to advocate?

  • I鈥檝e found that many early childhood professionals become nervous when faced with the word 鈥渁dvocate.鈥?But as I tell them in my presentations, it isn鈥檛 necessary to be a policy wonk in order to advocate for early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practice.

  • What is early childhood advocacy and why is it important?

  • The goal of early childhood advocacy is to improve the lives of children and families by influencing legislators鈥?and policymakers鈥?opinions and activities. To carry out their responsibilities, public officials require and welcome the advice that well-informed people (like you) provide.

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