how to apply diversity in early childhood education

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  • What is cultural diversity in early childhood education?

  • Cultural Diversity Early Childhood Professionals. Culturally Responsive Education draws upon the cultural knowledge, skills and talents children bring with them from their home and community. Below are resources for early childhood professionals on ways to create a culturally responsive environment for the children and families you serve.

  • How do you incorporate culture and diversity in childcare?

  • There is no one best way on how to incorporate culture and diversity in childcare, but instead, it requires a multifaceted approach that continues throughout a child’s education. As parents, it is up to us to determine if and how those needs are being met in our children’s school.

  • How do young children learn about diversity?

  • It is through daily interactions and observations of others鈥?comments and verbal and nonverbal behaviors that young children attribute particular meaning to race, culture and other forms of diversity. By the late preschool years, such understandings inform behavior.

  • Why culturally responsive early childhood education?

  • Research suggests adults who engage children in culturally responsive educational experiences help to: Effective early childhood education (ECE) professionals understand and embrace diversity鈥攃ultural, linguistic, and ability diversity (CLAD). They support the unique and individualized values, strengths, and potential of each child and family.

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