how to apply diversity in early childhood education

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  • How can we support diversity in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淪upporting diversity in early childhood programs is a two-pronged process: helping children to feel good about themselves, their families, and their communities, and also exposing children to differences, things that are unfamiliar, and experiences beyond their immediate lives.鈥?Francis Wardle, Ph.D.

  • How to incorporate culture and diversity into child care?

  • 6 Ways To Incorporate Culture Diversity Into Child Care That Are So Important 1. Make It A Cultural Community. I am not advocating for the co-opting of cultures that aren’t represented in the… 2. Celebrate With The Children. My family is Slavic/Balkan, Chinese, Malay, Jamaican, Jewish, Arab, and …

  • How does diversity in the classroom impact the school community?

  • A school culture where people embrace diversity in the classroom can positively impact the school community. When this happens, a school community creates a safe, supportive and purposeful environment for students and staff which, in turn, allows students to grow 鈥?academically and socially.

  • Should we talk to children about diversity?

  • For years we have thought that children will automatically form positive outlooks about the differences we each convey if we do not speak of those differences. However, research has shown that advocating and exposing children to diversity requires active promotion.

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