how much does early childhood education cost

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$ 8,844 per year

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  • What are the fees for early childhood education?

  • Fees and costs All early childhood services charge fees that vary depending on the service provided and the length of time your child is there. Fees can include wait list fees, enrolment fees, and standard service fees. As each service provider has their own fee structure you will need to talk to them directly.

  • How much does daycare cost per year?

  • If you do your math, daycare will cost you over $10,000 per year on average. This cost will vary depending on the cost of living in your state. Your child鈥檚 age and your schedule will also affect the cost you pay for daycare.

  • Where can I find information on the cost of child care?

  • Tip: The Care for Kids website also provides some helpful information on understanding the cost of child care. The Australian Government and Queensland Government provide ways to reduce your out of pocket expenses for early childhood education and care.

  • Are you eligible for childcare expenses tax credits?

  • The current cap on childcare expenses to be eligible for tax credits is $8,000 for one child and $16,000 for two or more kids. With a write-off of up to 50 percent, you could get a credit of $4,000 if you have one kid. Find out whether you鈥檙e eligible for such tax benefits as they will reduce your daycare cost burden.

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