how much does early childhood education cost

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$3,600 – $5,600*

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  • What are the fees for early childhood education?

  • Fees and costs All early childhood services charge fees that vary depending on the service provided and the length of time your child is there. Fees can include wait list fees, enrolment fees, and standard service fees. As each service provider has their own fee structure you will need to talk to them directly.

  • Where can I find information on the cost of child care?

  • Tip: The Care for Kids website also provides some helpful information on understanding the cost of child care. The Australian Government and Queensland Government provide ways to reduce your out of pocket expenses for early childhood education and care.

  • How is head start counted in cost per child?

  • The Head Start figure includes children in home-based Head Start, who, for our per-child cost calculation, we count at 3/4 the rate of center-based children. For the Early Head Start figure (52,487), we do not include the pregnant mothers who are in the program.

  • How much does the Elmira program cost per family?

  • RAND estimated these two benefit sources combined as roughly $3,000 per family in the case of the lower-risk Elmira participants, about $6,000 for the higher-risk Elmira participants, and over $24,000 in the Perry case.

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