how much does an early childhood educator make a year

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  • How much money can you make with an early childhood education?

  • The top ten percent of graduates from an early childhood degree program earned an expected annual salary of $ 48,660, while the lowest ten percent earned $ 18,090, per year. The expected hourly median pay for early childhood school graduates was $ 14.79.

  • How much does a preschool teacher make in the US?

  • The average wage for a preschool teacher in the United States is $12.60 per hour though salary averages are regularly updated on Indeed. The annual income depends mainly on a candidate’s level of education and teaching location.

  • What is the average age of an early childhood educator?

  • However, some early childhood educators may work with children up to eight years of age. Their focus is on the early years of a child’s life, typically before they reach first grade.

  • How much do Asian early childhood teachers make?

  • Asian Early Childhood Teachers have the lowest average salary at $32,030. Early Childhood Teachers with a Doctorate degree earn more than those without, at $45,924 annually. With a Masters degree, Early Childhood Teachers earn a median annual income of $45,739 compared to $33,222 for Early Childhood Teachers with an Bachelors degree.

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