how much do early childhood educators make in canada

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  • How much do early childhood educators (ECE) earn in Canada?

  • An entry-level Early Childhood Educator (ECE) with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of C$15.24 based on 146 salaries. An early career Early Childhood Educator (ECE) with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of C$16.08 based on 1,617 salaries.

  • How much does a child care worker make in Canada?

  • Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Plasp Child Care Services and Early Learning Center, earning around C$24.50 and C$17.76, respectively. Peekaboo pays the lowest at around C$14.43. Kids And Company and YMCA also pay on the lower end of the scale, paying C$15.23 and C$16.78, respectively.

  • Are Early Childhood Educators in Alberta eligible for a wage top-up?

  • Early childhood educators in Alberta may be eligible for a wage top-up from the Ministry of Children’s Services. The extent of this wage top-up varies depending on whether the program is accredited or pre-accredited under the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Funding Program.

  • Why do we need better wages for Early Childhood Educators?

  • AECEA believes providing better wages to early childhood educators will help to recruit and retain a field of educated and competent early childhood educators, ensuring that there are enough qualified educators to meet the growing demand for high quality child care spaces in Alberta.

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