how many credits for early childhood education

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60 credit hours

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  • How long does it take to get an early childhood education degree?

  • These activities help children to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually. It is usually necessary to complete approximately 60 credit hours to earn an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree. Such programs of study might last about two years. Students will take major courses such as:

  • What classes do you take for an associate degree in early childhood?

  • An Associate of Arts degree program in early childhood education focuses on teaching students to understand child behavior in order to develop activities for children. Students who earn associate degrees in early childhood education must complete a variety of major courses, general education classes and electives.

  • What is the curriculum of early childhood education courses?

  • The curriculum has general studies and a core of early education courses. The associate degree is the shortest educational track to getting a job in early childhood education, and it can be a basis for a bachelor鈥檚 degree.

  • What are the requirements to become a California early childhood educator?

  • 1 Possess a valid California credential in administrative services from the Commission; AND 2 The completion of at least 12 or more semester units of child development or early childhood education coursework; AND 3 The completion of at least 3 semester units of supervised field experience in an early childhood education setting

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