how does early childhood education influence cognitive development

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Early education canincrease cognitive skills in children, according to the authors of Economics of Education Review, published in the February 2007 issue. Children from under-served communities who attended preschool showed more cognitive improvement than their peers without preschool.

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  • Do early childhood education and care programs affect cognitive development?

  • A number of authors have investigated the impact of early childhood education and care programs on the development of children. Often they have focused on the effects on children from socio-economically disadvantaged families. To assess the effects of various preschool programs on cognitive development, recent key studies were reviewed.

  • How does preschool experience affect cognitive development in children?

  • The majority of studies find that preschool experience gives children a more favorable start at school and there is evidence of persistent effects during the subsequent school years. In many instances, short-term effects exceed longer-term effects on cognitive development.

  • What do psychologists know about cognitive development in young children?

  • This chapter is about how the cognitive development of young children can be affected by early childhood programs. It therefore does notdescribe everything that psychologists know or believe about cognitive development in young children.

  • Why is early childhood education important?

  • According to Alvarado, the answer to 鈥渨hy is early childhood education important鈥?lies in the fact these are critical development years. During this time, valuable relationships are formed in children鈥檚 lives, and partnerships developed between teachers, peers, and parents.

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