how do you define quality in early childhood education

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Definitions of quality in early education generally include four aspects:a program鈥檚 structural elements; features of the classroom environment; the dimensions of teacher-student interactions that children experience directly; and aggregate indices,such as quality rating and improvement systems,that combine measurements across types of program elements. Structural elements include the length of the school day,teacher training,and teacher-student ratios; these can be viewed as preconditions that set the stage for more direct experiences that foster children鈥檚 learning. Features of the classroom environment might include cleanliness,learning and play materials,the daily schedule,and how the setting is arranged. Teacher-child interactions encompass teachers鈥?behavior,language,and emotional warmth and tone as they conduct activities and manage the classroom. Interaction processes are inherently dynamic,of course,and may vary according to such factors as a given child鈥檚 preferences; the teachers鈥?knowledge,skills,or mood; and organizational features such as school leadership.

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  • What is the expectation of quality early childhood education and care?

  • The expectation of quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) is that higher quality inputs will produce higher quality outcomes for children. There are many ways that outcomes may be expressed and measured, though current procedures emphasize threshold quality.

  • What is quality child care?

  • 鈥?A science-based framework for early childhood policy, 2007. This summary comes from a research report from the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University. At the same time, personal ideas about quality child care can vary depending on values, beliefs and cultural or social context and also on who is making the judgment.

  • What is quality in education?

  • Many definitions of quality in education exist, testifying to the complexity and multifaceted nature of the concept. The terms efficiency, effectiveness, equity and quality have often been used synonymously (Adams, 1993). Considerable consensus exists around the basic dimensions of quality education today, however.

  • What is high-quality child care?

  • Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), 鈥淗igh-quality child care is a safe, clean and engaging place where parents can partner with trained profes- sionals in order to help nurture and develop their children intellectually, emotionally and physically.鈥?How Quality is Measured Measuring quality can be challenging, but it is pos

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