does early childhood education make a difference

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  • What is the difference between early childhood development and early childhood education?

  • Early Childhood Education is very specifically about teacher behavior towards early learners, their peers, and the supporting community. You may have guessed that in many ways Early Childhood Development is a larger field than early childhood education.

  • Is early childhood education right for You?

  • Early childhood education is also a great option for those who wish to work with children, but who do not have the time or flexibility to commit to a four-plus years of school.

  • What are the concerns of early childhood educators and early childhood development?

  • Any variable that could potentially impact a child鈥檚 health and safety and their ability to access quality of life, are concerns for both early childhood educators and early childhood development. What are the job differences for early childhood education and early childhood development?

  • Do children have difficulty making the transition from childcare to early education?

  • In principle, children should not have any difficulty making the transition from childcare to early education in countries with integrated administration of early childhood services, where there is generally a common curriculum for children aged 1 to 5 years, which applies to the majority of countries with available data.

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