does early childhood education include kindergarten

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  • What is Early Childhood Education?

  • Early childhood education (ECE) programs include any type of educational program that serves children in the preschool years and is designed to improve later school performance. In the second half of the twentieth century, the early education system in the United States grew substantially.

  • What are some examples of early childhood education careers?

  • Below are some examples of early childhood education careers: Preschool Teacher: Preschool teachers introduce young children to education and prepare them for kindergarten. They plan curricula that are age appropriate, and introduce themes and concepts children will expand upon in elementary school.

  • What education do you need to be an early childhood teacher?

  • Early Childhood Education Careers. Careers in early childhood and education include: Preschool Teacher: These teachers work with children ages three to five who are not yet in kindergarten. The educational requirements vary by state. Some require only a high school diploma and a certification, while others require a four-year degree.

  • What are the different types of early childhood education programs?

  • Federal, State and Privately Funded Early Childhood Education Programs. One of the first early childhood education initiatives in the U.S. was the Head Start program, which was created in 1965.

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