can you get a phd in early childhood education

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  • Do you need a PhD for an online Doctorate in early childhood education?

  • Though most affordable online doctor of early childhood education programs require a formal doctoral dissertation, there are exceptions to the rule. In these cases, some type of capstone project will likely be required instead.

  • What is an early childhood education degree?

  • An early childhood education degree could be an associate, bachelor鈥檚, or graduate degree. Its main focus is how to educate young children, with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity, child-centered practices, ethics, inclusivity, community, and family.

  • What classes do you take for a PhD in early childhood education?

  • Requirements vary by school, but doctoral programs in early childhood education usually require students to take courses related to research methodologies, child development, education ethics, and instructional design. They also typically include original research and a dissertation or practicum.

  • Which schools offer a PhD in early childhood education in Colorado?

  • The University of Colorado at Denver鈥檚 School of Education Human Development offers a uniquely qualified PhD in Early Childhood Education. This 3 to 5 year, 54 credit degree program is designed to teach students pedagogical tools as well as research and classroom management skills.

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