can you do early childhood education online

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  • Which schools offer online courses for early childhood education?

  • This accredited online course will allow you to earn hours toward CEU/CMU credit. This is a 30-credit program offered by Fisher College. The program is a first step in professional training in this field. This certificate prepares students to become early childhood educators.

  • How many credits do you need for early childhood education online?

  • Requiring 120 credits in total, the early childhood education degree online includes 30 professional education credits, 30 early development credits, and nine preselected elective credits. The remaining credits come from student’s transfer courses from their associate degree. FIU offers three start dates each year.

  • What is an online BA in early childhood education?

  • In the online BA in early childhood education, learners gain the skills to develop and deliver educational and care programs for children under the age of eight. The 120-credit early childhood education degree online includes 42 credits at the general education level and 51 credits in core course requirements.

  • How long does it take to get an early childhood education degree?

  • The early childhood education degree online requires the completion of a minimum of 123 credits, including courses in general education, professional education, the chosen concentration, and electives. The program also includes field experiences and internships. Most students complete the program in four years.

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