are early childhood educators professionals

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Early-childhood teachers are working within a very critical window of brain development. We know that what happens during the early years can shape the trajectory of a person鈥檚 life. Yet,we treat the teachers of young children as if they weren鈥檛 professionalsor worthy of a life outside of poverty.

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  • What is an early childhood educator?

  • Early childhood educators are known by a variety of titles, among them child caregiver, teacher and child care provider. Whatever the title we are given or call ourselves, we want to be sure we are meeting professional guidelines of behavior.

  • Are Early Childhood Program Administrators allies to Early Childhood Educators?

  • I have come to realize that early childhood program administrators and college faculty that prepare teachers and leaders in early childhood education are allies to early childhood educators. I am not lonely anymore; I am comfortable being an allied professional playing a critical role supporting the early childhood education profession.

  • Why is it important to be professional in early childhood education?

  • That way, when parents have questions, they feel like they can come to us with those questions, and that we would be able to deliver competent answers. There are four main dimensions, or standards, of professionalism in the field of early childhood: Professional knowledge is essential knowledge of best practices within the field.

  • Are you accountable for the early childhood education profession?

  • Advancing and advocating for the early childhood education profession These responsibilities and accountability are consistent across early education settings including elementary schools, centers, and home-based businesses. I say Yes! I am responsible and accountable for all of the above.

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