a sound education

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  • What is sound education?

  • Bringing together an exceptional group of speakers and participants, Sound Education is a unique chance to learn from (and party with) some of the smartest and most engaging voices in podcasting.

  • What does it take to become a sound therapist?

  • Understand Cymatics, vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), music therapy Understand the fundamentals of sound physics and how to use frequencies, harmonics, overtones and resonance in your sound therapy practice The client intake process, how to set up a proper environment and deliver like a pro

  • How do I teach the /膬/ sound to my students?

  • Tell your students to circle the objects that have the /膬/ sound. On the back of the worksheet, ask your students to draw five objects that have the /膬/ sound. Encourage your students to draw pictures that are different from the ones on the worksheet. Enrichment: Have your students make /膬/ word flashcards with paper.

  • What is sound therapy?

  • Sound therapy is also referred as sound healing and vibrational sound therapy. Is this course conducted via zoom? No this course has prerecorded videos that are visual representation of the materials in the manual.

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