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  • What is your review of a deadly education?

  • A Deadly Education is an intriguing twist on the magic school genre and a solid beginning for THE SCHOLOMANCE trilogy. I鈥檓 excited for when the next book, The Last Graduate, comes out in 2021. Initial comments: I’m sold! After Uprooted and especially Spinning Silver, I’ll read pretty much anything by Naomi Novik. Omg i had so much fun reading this!

  • Is a deadly education by Naomi Novik a good book?

  • Novik is, quite simply, a genius.’ ‘Sharp, witty, and darkly effervescent, A Deadly Education is Naomi Novik’s fresh take on the concept of the magic school. One of my favorite reads of the year.’ ‘Fresh, smart, and delightfully unique.

  • Is a deadly education a feminist book?

  • A Deadly Education bills itself as a subversive, even feminist, response to Harry Potter. But just like J. K. Rowling, Naomi Novik is a white author who uses other cultures thoughtlessly to build her own magic world. Other cultures and peoples exist, but only to serve the aims and needs of white (or mostly white-coded) characters.

  • What is a deadly education on Netflix about?

  • A Deadly Education tells the story of Galadriel 鈥淓l鈥?Higgins, a half-British half-Indian sorcerer attending a magic school where the consequences of any mistake might mean sudden death. El is a loner by nature and circumstance, but walking alone in the halls of Scholomance might mean being attacked and devoured by one of the school鈥檚 monsters.

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